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Text içinde string aramak .find( )


Text içinde geçen bir string‘in index numarası bulmak.

work_tip = "A snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that you can use to extend the " \
           "functionality of a WordPress-powered website; essentially a mini-plugin with " \
           "less load on your site. Most snippet-hosting sites tell you to add snippet code " \
           "to your active theme's functions.php file, which can get rather long and messy after a while."
code_index =work_tip.find("code")
while code_index > 0:
    print("'snippet' is at index",code_index)
    code_index = work_tip.find("snippet",code_index+1)
    if code_index == -1:
        print("no more 'snippet'")

work_tip text’i içinde geçen ‘snippet’ string’inin index numaralarını gösterir. Çıktısı aşağıdaki gibidir.

‘snippet’ is at index 34
‘snippet’ is at index 176
‘snippet’ is at index 214
no more ‘snippet’

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