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AWS Route 53

Hello All,

In my opinion, most of AWS services have been named deliberately and cleverly to imply the purpose of them. I was very surprised when I first read that name. Ingenious naming! Yes, it routes something related to 53 🙂 Handy and scalable name resolution service.

It is not only a DNS service but also it can be used to register or transfer domain names. Furthermore, you may have exceptional benefits by using AWS Route 53 and other AWS web services together. For example, you can map custom domain names to Elastic Beanstalk environments.





AWS Route 53 management console can be used to create and manage the DNS zones. SOA and NS records  are displayed as soon as you create a zone. At the moment I wrote this blog, the NS servers were listed as below. In fact, I am unsure that how frequently these NS servers change. I think they are changed or modified rarely. By the way, changes are announced at page.


If you have been hosting your domain name on another domain name provider, you can change your domain’s current DNS NS records to AWS Route 53’s Name Servers.


For consistency, I need to delete NS records but this is for evaluation purpose 🙂 Some parts the screenshots above cut on purpose.

As I mentioned earlier, you can swap your Elastic Beanstalk’s environment URL for blue/green deployments. You will probably want to do this action in order not to cause a disruption and downtime in your production environment(s) during the release changes etc.

For pricing time and other details I shared some useful resources below.

Have a nice day and enjoy!