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Enterprise Vault – Client Driven PST Migration

Hello all,

In this article I want to cover the configuration steps of Client Driven PST migration. As we know there are many methods for PST migration. Client Driven, Server Driven, Scripted (enterprise vault policy manager) and import/export methods.

If you want to look, here is a very nice article about Client Driven Migration process (deeply) and it worth a read!

Anyway, let’s begin configuration steps

1- With this method we can archive PST files (connected to user’s outlook profile) to associated user’s archive.

2- With Desktop Policy’s PST Marking options, PST Migrator task is able to migrate PST’s. PST marking option is enabled by default!

3- If you want to use Server Driven Migration, you will need two folders.

4- You can create folders on suitable drives

5- clip_image002

6- EV service account has to have Full Control – Allow permission on PSTHolding folder ( both Share and NTFS tab )

7- From Site property PST Holding folder path can be defined as shown below.

8- clip_image004

9- It should be useful to check the PST marking option as shown below.

10- clip_image006

11- Now we can create a PST Migrator task.

12- clip_image008

13- There is a default Exchange PST Migration Policy under the PST Migration pane. You can customize the options of PST Migration policy according to your corporate needs.

14- clip_image010

15- Post Migration actions can be configured as shown below. You can define the action that will be taken after PST Migration.

16- clip_image012

17- İf it is a concern for you, Message Classes should be considered.

18- clip_image014

19- It would be useful to discover other tabs of PST Migration policy!.

20- As you know there are couples of messages as shown below. If you want the clients to be informed, copy/paste the proper message to proper path! For Client Driven migration two messages can be used to inform users. EnablePSTMigrationMessage and PSTMigratedMessage

21- clip_image015

22- Time to enable user(s) for client driven migration.

23- clip_image017

24- clip_image019

25- After you hit finish button user will be informed about which action will be taken and what will happen to his/her PST’s.

26- After the PST’s entirely migrated, users are informed once more.

27- After all, users can search their archived PST’s from Archive Explorer etc.

I hope this is informative for you.