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Install Splunk Phantom on Centos 7

Hi all,

I assume that you have spun up a CentOS 7 VM , a valid Phantom account(you can register it ) , running Splunk instance and running Active Directory Domain Controller.

Login to your VM and perform an update by running yum update.

After the update has been completed , install Phantom by running the command below.

rpm -Uvh

***To get the latest release please visit the Phantom page.

Go to /opt/phantom/bin

Start the installer bu running the command below.

./ install

You will have warnings related to disk space , if you are setting up it in prod environment consider all the warnings seriously.

Installer will ask you for a username and password . This is the username and the password pair which you use to login to page.

Login to web UI:

Default username is admin and default password is password

Change your password at first logon 🙂

and continue with initial configuration.